Imagine that you experience freedom, pure fulfilment and balance in life,
because you know who you truly are and why you are here. 

Imagine that you have full support and encouragement
as you take bold steps in creating your desired life.  

Imagine that you are successful,
because you feel comfortable, secure and powerful in what you feel called to do. 

If you feel ready to go on an adventure in your own life,
I show you how to experience joy in facing the hurdles that are part of true transformation.

Dear true you,

My name is Carole Donkers (a.k.a. Kay Bright or ‘The White Africana’).
I am born and raised in the Netherlands (Europe).
Ghana (West-Africa) is where I live and work most of the time.

Around the age of twelve I read the book Roots, about the life of the Gambian boy Kunta Kinte.
My question: why do people in Africa need the help of ‘the West’?
I decided to go to Africa one day to find the answer. 

Once I had the courage, I was guided to the North of Ghana (2007).
A long story short: it was a deep, inner journey of my soul returning Home to the Source of all life (in me).

To whom I truly am.
To whom we are as people. 

My life and work are all about what I missed most in school and love to do most in life:
exploring life in all that it is and creating inner learning and healing journeys
from my discoveries in The Rhythms of Africa.

These journeys are designed to provide transformational guidance
for you if you are ready
to discover who you truly are, why you are here and
how to consciously create the brightest version of your life in all area’s.

Brighter you, brighter world!

Discover how The Rhythms of Africa help you:

to know who you truly are
so that you can consciously create your desired life

and if it is your deepest soul’s calling:

become a transformational leader
who serves with the greatest possible impact.


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