What do you do in Ghana ?

What do you do in Ghana ?
Because I will go back to Ghana soon, the question is quite actual.
I ‘m having fun with the nice conversations that brings the past couple of weeks whilst I am arranging all the practical things. At the bank, communicating with customer services on phone, in the supermarket…..

The question is not that easy for me to answer. I always feel a distant future direction and a here and now. In between, I experience a huge space full of possibilities and opportunities, which will fall into place when time is right. While most people often seek for a concrete and tangible answer in what you will achieve.

I stopped to put emphasis on what I want to achieve in a given period. This is mainly because I better fit in an unpredictable life than in a predictable life.

I also stopped to say what I want to put into practice or want to realize. These are so often ‘just words’ to match underlying expectations. However, it does not reflect the actual value and the organic, natural and dynamic way of working that characterizes me.

For me, the real value lies in the day- by- day and step- by- step creation of my / the story and dealing with the (complex) processes that are involved. Not so much in a result or a certain goal to achieve. And certainly not in accordance with a systematic and linear approach. I realize all my goals. But that’s generally a result of my focus in following that future direction.

Closest to myself, and in general, the answer to what I do in Ghana, is the following:

I guide talented young people in Ghana in realising their own story. Their own story as a person and who and what they want to be or do for their community, their country, their continent and / or the world.

I do this mainly through walking with them, to be part of their lives, by watching through their eyes, by listening through their ears, by feeling with their hearts and by speaking with their voice. And while we are on this journey together, I accompany them in their next step and in the sustainable and successful realisation of their initiatives.

So that they are:

  • Representing whom they essentially (authentically) are in what they do and share.
  • Being connected to their heart and essence of life as it is for them.
  • Enriching me as a person.

In this way we live and work together for development. Operating from a source of self-esteem, self-confidence, joy, positivity and respect for each other’s differences. What, in my opinion, benefits the growth of humanity and a sustainable economy and society.

Samen oplopen

And I do it mostly by being myself. And by sharing the most beautiful, best and positive of myself. But also by involving them in the deepest, ugliest, darkest and most negative in myself and how I re-shape that. Because if we see ourselves as a problem and as a solution in any situation we face, we can definitely be a better world. With each other. Regardless of culture. Regardless of origin.

Carole and Nana

The average response when I share this perspective is:
But then you are very much needed in the Netherlands !
And what you do in Ghana, can’t you do that in the Netherlands too?


Check for yourself what the effect of my attitude, my story and this conversation is on you.
What you now feel in touch with me, is no different than what people feel in Ghana.
Because wherever I am in the world: I take myself along.
So take this feeling and pass it on.
Because that’s how I stay in the Netherlands, while I continue my journey.

Per September 12th 2015, you can follow me while I am on a journey in my world.
A few times a week I distribute short statements and / or longer stories through this blog.