I attracted my sponsors on my 6 Personal P’s

How can I be maximum life changing impact with a minimum of resources?

This has been the guiding question in developing Talent Beyond Limits. Developing it as the best possible impactful learning concept and methodology to support 21st century education in the world.

All my activities related to this goal since 2010 have been realised:

  • through my personal investments only
  • in co-creation with motivated, talented and entrepreneurial leaders in Ghana.

This approach guaranteed a continuous mirroring and self-reflection on the ‘real life’ learning I believe in:

  • experiential: realise what you believe in, even (and especially) if others don’t see the value yet,
  • co-creative learning between ‘teacher’ and participant,
  • in an open space,
  • participant-centered,
  • self-directed learning.

It allowed me to develop naturally and fully in line with visions and ideas as merging in collaborating and working with young and entrepreneurial leaders in Ghana.

I wanted to know:
How learning related to successful entrepreneurship works, if there is no existing system or criteria in which you are forced to operate in as a ‘teacher’, or expecting to receive as a participant.”
(I define entrepeneurship as a mindset, attitude and skills, not only as starting or running a business).

The Talent Beyond Limits concept- and methodology proved itself and is now ready for upscaling. To support this next step, I am developing a combined sponsorship- and business model .

The business model is a local component in Ghana. It is aimed at developing and organising self-sustainable services, matching the exact needs of young graduates, professionals and entrepreneurs with they aim to reduce the high failure rate in life after traditional education. The main problems are related to unemployment and high failure rate and growth limitations of entrepreneurs, start-ups, the (in)formal business sector and the local entrepreneurial ecosystem. The first business concepts are piloted.

The sponsorship model is piloted in an international context. With myself at the center. For the first time, I asked for support of sponsors. This is needed to be able to focus 100% on upscaling the concept. And because I am practicing the Talent Beyond Limits methodology in all I do, this implicates simultaneously that I am in the position to transform the lives of many more young and talented leaders and entrepreneurs in Ghana.

Because I always took care of my own resources and never asked for financial support for what I am doing in Ghana, I want to go through the process and experience of asking for sponsorship, before applying it as a possible model for others. This is matching my motto ‘I practice what I preach’.

I attracted sponsors who are matching my 6 Personal P’s for Prosperous living:
Pure, Positive, Passionate, Potential, People-oriented and Purpose-driven.

6 P's for a Prosperous life

For me, sponsorship is more than giving or sharing your money for a good cause or a social goal. My sponsors are pure, passionate, positive, people-oriented entrepreneurs who are clearly driven by a purpose in their work and life. Like me, they want to add value to society, based on what they are doing.

The relationship with my sponsors is based on mutual learning and inspiration. I feel encouraged by them to continue my efforts and to learn from their successes. And their ‘return on investment’ is that they feel inspired by who I am, what I believe in and what I am doing as a result of that.

You are most welcome to follow my learning journey in the world !

There is nothing more fertile than sincere human-to-human transactions – CaDo