New Africa I – Paradigm shift

For me, Ghana is a country with huge potential, including its people.
Since 2010, I specifically align my energy with the new and upcoming generation of (social) entrepreneurs and leaders, with Ghana as my ‘home’ base of travelling and meeting them.

I formed my perspectives whilst feeling their life stories, looking towards the future through their eyes and interacting with them in many formal and informal situations.

Concrete outcome of this co-creative journey with the generation of great and potential leaders of Africa, is Talent Beyond Limits (a 21st century learning concept & methodology). More information: Talent Beyond Limits

It is time for a paradigm shift
It is time for a paradigm shift in the Western world and in the African people. It is time to re-balance traditional patterns in collaboration and developmental aid. The unequal and one-dimensional perspective of the Western world on Africa is very deep rooted.

Most of the times this perspective is unconscious, because people are not aware of their own behavior and the sources they operate from. A western person who thinks: “I want to help you, because you are so poor” is actually pushing an African person down and lifting oneself up.

A sincere, equal and mutual relationship from human-to-human as I strive for, asks for an enormous transition worldwide. It asks for people who dare and want to face themselves and who are able to see through many ages of role patterns and existing systems. A transition that can best begin in the Africans, because the average Western person doesn’t face any urgency in making this paradigm shift.

Till this day, the current common paradigm is that we in the West need to help Africa develop. But what we, often unconscious, forget, are fundamental questions like: “What does the African person want? How does it work in Africa? What can we learn from Africa? Do the African people want our help? Do we know the exact needs and context of African people? Do I want to help them for my own ‘great’ feeling? And now we are talking massively about investments in Africa: in the interest of whom are we actually doing that ?”

But there is another side too. We never know what would have happened with Africa, if the West would have not invested in the continent after the post-colonial age. So let’s assume all the past efforts of developmental aid resulted in positive outcomes. We can conclude in the now that there is a new generation that had access to education. Which contributed to their development of a broader vision, connects them to the world and made them my sparring partner in developing the perspective on the paradigm shift that is needed.

Why I am so positive and attracted to the young generation in Ghana?
I experience young Ghanaians as emotional intelligent, fresh, talented and promising. I see them as very important contributors to a shift that is needed in the world. It is a generation of ‘local actions & global connections‘. A lot of them have a great combination of characteristics, experiences and potential that is needed to be the example of leadership that the world needs desperately. The potential and inner will in young people in Africa is there and ready to thrive. That is a fact. And that is the most powerful source needed for transformations on a bigger scale. It is an honor to co-create the future together with them.