Real Life Story: We love you! We love you! We love you…..

The best experiences happen when I am open to the world I am meeting in the moment.

Early morning running in Tamale, Ghana. Two times in the week. 6 a.m. 5km. To keep my condition in shape. Also perfect to balance mind and body.

This morning, I passed a large group of young people walking on the street. Singing and clapping. Somewhere in the middle, I noticed two ladies who were running. A group of guys behind them singing: “We love you! We love you! We love you….!

I turned around and joined the two girls. For a while I ran with them on the African rythm and the great voices behind me. So much joy and awesome vibe !

I am running in a t-shirt from a Dutch company. On the back is printed: ‘The power of teamwork‘.

When I left the group after about 2km, someone called: “That was great team work, white lady, you have rythm. We love you!”

We continued on our separate pathways, but I could hear their bright voices singing: ‘We love you!’ for some time.

I am sharing with who ever needs it today: I love you. You are a great person.


Every single step can lead you to your next positive and loving experience – Carole Donkers