Connected in the world: The value of sharing

Sometimes I share one of my stories with individual people, who I feel connected to once I’ve written it.

I shared this story about Africa’s potential – Motivational Speaker with one of my connections in the world. Her reaction shows me how much we can touch other people’s lives positively if we interact based on pure and sincere human-to-human connections only.

I feel her words and energy are meant to flow back to the source of the story: Ibrahim Mustapha in Ghana.

Mustapha Ibrahim Mustafa, Motivational Speaker 

The reaction is (translated):

Such an awesome story I received from you, Carole !
I feel that I have a role in the world. It almost feels to big to be true. But when I read your story just now, I totally understand it again.

There is such a huge opportunity and potential to really make the world a little bit more beautiful.

I feel like flying whilst reading. This is exactly what it is all about. Please, keep on sharing your stories!”

In that last sentence, I feel my personal call too:

When I touch the light in people whilst passing in their lives, they will shine their light back to me. And their light allows a story to flow and grow inside of me. A story that is meant to touch someone else out there in the world.

Great ‘accidental’ pre-start of the next journey and destination I started this week and as seen in my dreams: “The Human Connection“.