Co-creative learning: we are all learners in 21st century

Even though I have the formal role of teacher, coach, facilitator, mentor and leader in the ‘Talent Beyond Limits real life learning experiences‘, I am not the authority. I am not the one deciding what you need to learn or achieve. Because I believe you are by far the best creator of your own life journey.

Personally, I do respect and support authority when it is applied properly and with the aim to serve basic human rights. But I don’t believe in the power of knowledge, the power of position or the power of control on itself. These are all based on false illusions and mainly used by people in leading positions to maintain the status quo or to cover up their own insecurities.

Instead, my approach is that I am learning together with the participants in my programs, the customers of my services. I offer the structures and guidance that make you feel comfortable enough to explore your full potential and to grow with and beyond me.

In the unknown

Because in the 21st century, we are all learners, exploring new pathways in a transforming world in which old paradigms are no longer valid.

wise person learning

This co-creative and real life learning leads to a clear knowing that we’ve impacted each other’s lives equally.

met james With James Akontori, TBL co-creative learner since 2014

Once you were part of a TBL-learning experience, you automatically feel an inner drive to continu growing (together) and sharing the experience and learnings beyond (y)ourselves. Wherever you are. Whatever you do.

hillary Hillary Adongo, TBL co-creative learner since 2010. Mentoring at Barcamp Bolga

This is how we are naturally growing and moving with more and more people, who are creating a world that is a little bit brighter and more beautiful for all of us.

It’s always your life, it’s always your choice – Carole Donkers