Black AND white? Battle AND hope?

Black AND white. Battle AND hope?
Always great to go through my notes. I write because I discovered that the words will fall into place at some point in my life.

This is what I wrote about one month ago, during my flight from Netherlands to Ghana.
I was watching “Selma” about part of the journey of Dr. Martin Luther King.

“What is it in me that I feel his anger, his battle, his struggle AND his hope, faith and persistence in overcoming (inter-)racial injustice so strong?

I also feel that dividing myself into ‘battle AND hope’, ‘black AND white’, means I allow inter-racial differences and battles to exist in my mind.

Which also might have the consequence that I, unconscious, contribute to creating differences through my behavior, whilst I think I am serving the goal of equality.

I feel I want to make a choice. And I choose hope, no battle.

I just follow my dream and believe in one world. One world in which we are alike, because of the simple fact that we are all human beings.

I feel we need to work towards a common life in love, whilst we know and feel we are embraced with love, when moving as individuals”.

A month later….
The question is still unanswered, but the second part of what I wrote became reality.

And whilst living in that reality, I just don’t experience a ‘black and white’.

I only experience the beauty and potential of people around me, including myself to start with.

And whilst living in that reality, the question is not relevant anymore.

I am part of and accepted by the Ghanaians as if I am one of them. I don’t feel I am different, even though my name on the street is Obruni or Salamenga (white).

I only feel the smiles and warmth of the people greeting me in that way. Embracing me with the little they have to give. Straight from the heart. Without judgment.

And in the moment of that sincere smile, you and I feel that we are connected. That we are one and equal.

Only the mirror and the racism of some people in Europe, reflects my white or your black skin.

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