Africa’s potential: Building connections for Business and Community Development

Today, I was guest in the wonderful scenery of Ashesi University (South-East Ghana).

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This as part of my intention to built fruitful, long term connections between intiatives of the young generation in North- and South-Ghana. I am commited to contribute to bridging the existing gap between Norhern-Ghana and South-Ghana.

This growing gap between North and South Ghana brings risk to further development of the total country. The unemployment rate in Northern-Ghana is higher than the country as a whole. Arising from a legacy of under investment, there is a compelling need in this region to ensure that educational attainment at higher level education leads to improved economic opportunities in both formal and informal sectors.

The young generation in Northern-Ghana, after finishing university, find less opportunities to be employed in the North. They are more likely to migrate to South-Ghana or abroad to seek for opportunities there. Besides the fact that there are not enough opportunities for all in the South, it will also cause a ‘brain-drain’ in Northern Ghana on the longer term. The more connections are built per today, the more knowledge and experience is exchanged and tthe more iniatives can benefit when forces are combined.

At Ashesi University, I received a great tour from Hetty (graduate) and Judah (final year). They introduced me to the studentcentered curriculum and the learning culture built on leadership and values. I could sense that Ashesi is an example of a vision that is brought into practice in every detail.


I was also introduced to students and their business & community projects. One of the business models that is piloted, together with farmers in the local community, is Sesa Mu. It is connecting farmers to resources that will help train them in efficient methods of farming and entrepreneurial qualities with regards to the marketing of their produce.