My African Dream

“The African Dream is a dream that we can follow”

I visited University of Ghana, Institute of African Studies. I had a great and inspiring meeting with Eric and Promise, who are working there as teaching assistants.

One of my passions is to explore African History, related to the question: “How are the far past and the far future connecting in the perspective of now?”

A huge question. But I have great and enriching moments in life, when I allow myself to follow that question and grow towards the answers. Day-by-day. Step-by-Step.

Today’s conversation re-connected me to an experience I had in 2007 in Cape Coast, followed by a poem that I wrote about it in 2013 and a connection to the song: ‘My African Dream”.

A song that made me cry so many times, because I felt it as reality. I would like to share this poem and song today. I share it, because in this moment I feel very strongly:

“Our African Dream is a dream that we can follow !

The African Dream

I never had a choice,
just following a voice
leading me to Africa.

Until that moment of no return,
when ‘the door of no return’ *
symbolised more than I or me.

It symbolised captivity and freedom,
inequality for some and equality for all.

And there and then,
I turned into We,
I Am turned into We are.

Quiet and humble,
I accept past, present and future.

Mankind began in Africa,
it was our common ground.

During slavery
they taught me
I am better than you.

Because of slavery
I seem to know
what is best for you.

But you,
young leaders in Africa today
are leading Africa into its future
with your vision, voice and actions.

Future Africa,
is my African Dream,
is our African Dream,
is the African Dream.

Where you and I are one and equal.
Future Africa – once our common ground

* @Cape Coast Castle, Ghana 2007

Carole Donkers – juli 2013