How my approach inspires to be the difference and do it differently

This is one of the nice examples of how my vision and approach ‘co-creative learning for Humanity’, inspires someone in the world to be the difference and do it differently.

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I received a message from someone in the Netherlands who read my blog: co-creative learning for Humanity.

She shares with me that parts of my blog triggered her. As a reaction on my question what exactly triggered her and how she would like to bring what she was reading into practice in her work environment, she replies:

The relationship from Human-to-Human
I interpreted what you wrote and connected it to my own situation. I learned from it that we should not bring tasks or duties to people, but rather define the problems and search for the solutions, together with people. By sincerely listening what is going on. In that way, you get more out of people and you appreciate them for the value they bring in.

Give and share your voice from within. Speak from your heart
To be able to do this, you need each others full trust. Mutual trust should be the fundament in every collaboration.

I would like to try to integrate my vision on collaboration more on a personal level, less on the content of a project. Then the question HOW you yourself can contribute to a succesful project, becomes more central too. I think that starts with sincerely listening to each others values and ideas and work towards solutions together.

These insights can be a pathway to the 2025 vision of our company. I will continue thinking about and relfecting on it.

Reactions like these motivate me even extra to keep on doing what I believe in and sharing the visions and stories related to it.