When the heart is beating as one with the unknown

I am writing this ‘on locations’ in Navrongo, upper-east region in Ghana. Yep, exactly the location where I spent last night with a mosquito….


The past two years, I have felt a strong connection with this village. The connection is very vibrant. I feel it in my heart, literally beating louder when the name of the village pops up. I feel an energy and once in a while I see images reflecting potential and hope for a better future.

The past two years, I kept on meeting people in Ghana whose origin is in this village or are currently living here. And I feel the same strong connection with all of them.

The interesting thing is: Navrongo is unknown teritory for me. I have never been in Navrongo till now and never planned to be here.

Till yesterday. When life brought me here after a number of decisions that I took in the moment in the past few weeks. Decissions taken on intuition, whilst I was following my heart and natural stream of life.


And yes, it is exactly in Navrongo where everything falls in place today and where I feel that my heart is beating as one with the moment, when I am in:

  • A complex journey related to visa procedures that allows me to stay for a longer period of time. A journey that brings me up to the border in Paga and simultaneously bridges to Accra for the next steps to make.
  • A meeting about social mobilization and sustainable development in which all my work so far matches the need of present time and the next step to make.
  • A meeting with a young social innovator and a potential transformational leader with whom I discuss Africa’s future. And specifically the role and needs of the young generation related to the question what their next step should be.

Although the outcome and meaning of today is unknown and not concrete in this moment, there is no doubt that something beautiful and promissing has started today.

In my heart, in Navrongo and beyond.

Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much

is the energy i feel towards the next step and continuation of my journey back to Tamale.

To be continued….