Next destination is Kumasi, missing link in the chain

Recently, I noticed Kumasi is a missing dot in the landscape I am creating for Talent Beyond Limits in Ghana.

It was just not part of my journey in Ghana the past 8 years. But this changed when the symbol Nkonsonkonson crossed my path in July this year. I was writing the story behind that in the village Karimenga, last Sunday. And since Sunday, Kumasi keeps popping up in conversations.

This morning, I am in the car from Navrongo to Tamale together with one of my special contacts and Talent Beyond Limits ambassadors in Ghana. Whilst talking about the future and how to create it as I desire it, Kumasi pops up again.

It seems to be the place where we have to go to start conversations towards the future. When I get out of the car in Tamale, we have decided that Kumasi will be our next destination, on my way to Accra, where I have to be the end of the month.

I start walking on the sandy road to my home.

Whilst crossing to the right side of the road, I pass someone who is moving himself in the opposite direction. Something attracts my attention. We look at each other and in the same moment we both decide to stop.

What follows is a conversation of two people living a similar life based on their own happiness. And sharing that happiness wherever they go, because the heart feels it wants to.

He tells me he arrived in Tamale today. On my question what brought him here, he answers that he felt there is still so much to explore in Ghana. That traveling enriches and that he wanted to discover this part of the country. After Tamale, he will continue his trip to Bolga and then to Paga.

I sense that each of us is aware that we are strongly connected in that moment, sharing the same life philosophy and a similar energy.

He expresses that by saying: “This is special. As if we stand here as one. I feel I have known you for a long time.”
I reply: “You have, we just didn’t meet yet”.

I am a bit surprised how secure this answer leaves my mouth. But I am slowly getting used to, and accept, the fact that I am connected to so much more than what we observe.

We thank each other and are grateful for this meeting. Just before saying goodbye, we remember to exchange our names. His name is Abdul and he appears to be from…of course….Kumasi.

I continue walking.

I notice that wherever I look, I see butterflies dancing. I cannot remember I saw them here before. Certainly not in this number.

Butterflies are connected to my future vision related to humanity and the world. And my thoughts go to the words I received a few months ago. 


Then the words ‘We need to form a chain’ pop up I my mind. I smile, because I understand the meaning of these words. They are related to my story about Nkonsonkonson, which will be posted in a series of blogs in the coming weeks.

Just now, when I start writing this story, I realise Paga – Kumasi – Accra (coastal area) are important dots in the slave route.

I remember another sentence I wrote in Karimenga: ‘Origin is future’ and a few months ago: ‘I am re-writing hi(s)-story.’

This is getting more interesting by the day…dots are getting connected and pieces of my life are quickly falling in place now.