Personal and collective leadership – grounded in Emani, Nkonsonkonson and Kaboom

My overall guiding question whilst being in Ghana is:
How can I be of maximum support to and empower existing rising initiatives of (young) social innovators who are:

  • potential transformational leaders, highly committed to invest in their personal growth and in creating social impact,
  • building social enterprises or enterprises including a social component,
  • supporting the breed of a new generation of transformational leaders and entrepreneurs?

I strongly believe in the power of the young generation in Ghana:
Although I am born and raised in the Netherlands, I have a strong connection with Africa since childhood. Since eight years, I align my energy with young people in Ghana, whilst travelling and living in this great country.

I experience the young Ghanaians I connect with, as emotional intelligent, fresh, talented and promising. I see them as very important contributors to a shift that is needed in the world. It is a generation of ‘local actions & global connections’. I see a great combination of characteristics, experiences and potential that is needed to be the example of leadership that the world needs desperately.

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Some fundamental questions in the minds of the young generation are:

  • What is the next step for us in building Africa? How can we, as a new generation, take responsibility be the alternative for current and corrupt systems?
  • How can we built sustainable (social) enterprises that are solving our problems and create livelihood for ourselves instead of depending on external donations?
  • How can we come in and collaborate for a common purpose together with people and organisations in the rest of the world?
  • How can we benefit equally?
  • How to break through a negative circle and repetition of patterns of older generations and ‘bad’ leadership examples?

I move with (young) entrepreneurs and leaders whilst we formulate fundamental questions and learn and grow together in finding the answers.


Personal and transformational leadership
I believe that dealing with the above questions asks for people who feel a drive to be the change and are leading by example. This asks for development of personal and transformational leadership And this starts with basic questions on a personal and professional level:

  • What do you feel you need to develop in yourself to be able to make the next step in your life, bringing you to the desired future?
  • How do you identify and formulate your learning and developmental needs?
  • Where do you get the right type of support for the personal and professional growth matching what works for you?
  • How can you built a powerful individual identity, whilst being part of a hierarchical and paternalistic system?

Be a reflection of the future society as you desire it


Collective leadership
There is a lot of extra potential for change on the short term and transformation of society on the longer term, when these young talents are learning to operate collectively too. Growing strong as individuals building sustainable initiatives on the one hand. Forming a powerful collective in transforming society on the other.

I feel committed to support these promising young people and the entrepreneurial initiatives that show a strong energy of self-empowerment and self-organisation. Initiatives that are supporting other youth, (technical) innovation, change and transformation in the local context. At a small scale and at a larger scale in the world.

Whilst combining our forces, we innovate based on a clear direction and a strong message. With a strong fundament in ourselves, our feet firmly positioned on the ground and a mind, attitude and skills set on action.

And whilst collaborating and learning for a common purpose in the local context, we simultaneously create new landscapes for international learning and collaboration in a world that is in a chaos and in a paradigm shift. A world that needs answers on new questions and a new direction for the future.

Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much

Since my own origin is the Netherlands, I made a great effort in the past 8 years to understand:

  • how learning works best in Ghana given the local context and the existing educational system?
  • how people can grow a powerful personal identity whilst being part of a collective and united in a
    common goal?
  • how to build impactful learning communities, based on traditional Ghanaian values and symbols?

An impactful learning community is built by people who grow to be one binding force whilst moving together on acceptance of individual differences and united by a common goal. 

A fruitful, peaceful and powerful Ghana, Africa and world is built by its people – who grow to be one binding force – whilst moving together as a collective and community – based on acceptance of individual differences and expansion of their true and unique Selves – Carole Donkers

The talent and expertise I bring in:
The personal call I have been feeling throughout my life, is to be and co-create the learning space. A learning space in which people and initiatives grow to be their true Selves and connect to each other in solving the problems of their society. Based on their authentic origin and beyond their origin in connection with the world at large.  With the aim to support successful and transformational leadership in the local context.

To support the realisation of personal leadership in balance with collective leadership development, I gradually developed Talent Beyond Limits:

An open and inspiring learning space, 100% tailored towards your personal and professional growth as a human being. It places you at the center of your origin, life, career and social impact

Grounded in universal and original Ghaniain values
The fundament and energy that characterises the Talent Beyond Limits learning space, is based on one universal symbol and two authtentic Ghanaian symbols:

Emani – ‘a binding force’.
It is used in various religions throughout the world. Hindu Brahmins en Muslims use it. It is a very rare Indian surname. It is alternate spelling of the Arabic Imam, which denotes faith or certitude to the unseen.

Nkonsonkonson – ‘chain link
An Adinkra symbol, representing West-African wisdom. The literal meaning is “chain link” and it is a symbol of unity and human relations. A reminder to contribute to the community, that in unity lies strength.

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Ka-Boom ! – ‘Togetherness’
Kaboom means ‘togetherness’. It makes weaknesses irrelevant as we together focus on our core competencies. Naturally, Kaboom is manifested by ants, raindrops, brooms etc. No single raindrop holds itself responsible for a flood. It is the collection.

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