Paris Attack…..I don’t have an opinion about it

Paris Attack….

I don’t have an opinion about it. I don’t feel anything related to it. I don’t need to do anything with it.

That’s not because I am unconcerned. Or because I close my eyes to the visible grief of those who are victims of this violence. Any form of violence. Anywhere in the world. In every moment.

On the contrary.
I am blessed with a very highly developed empathy and ability to feel on a very deep level. An ability with which I can feel all the pain, hatred and darkness in current and past times. Everywhere in the world. And I have felt.

Precisely in order to understand the world and to be able to place my many feelings on many levels, I entered and faced every dark spot and shadow inside of myself. I was more or less forced to do that to be able to have a more pleasant life. And on that pathway of personal insights and leadership, I developed my full potential as a human being.

Gradually I moved into a world of light, peace, love, calmness, space, joy and freedom. In myself. And now increasingly sharing with others, because I AM THAT world.

“The words that I speak and write are the home I live in” – (inspired by Hafiz)

And NOTHING can bring me back to the one-sided, fearful, hateful world, that, through mainstream (social) media, has become the world we think we live in.

Light. Peace. Love. Calmness. Space Joy. Freedom.

It is always your life. It is always your choice – Carole Donkers