Random connection of #love and #happiness

I step out of the car and start walking on the sandy road to my home.Whilst crossing to the right side of the road, I pass someone who is moving himself in the opposite direction.

Something attracts my attention. We look at each other and in the same moment we both decide to stop.

What follows is a conversation of two people living a similar life based on their own happiness. And sharing that happiness wherever they go, because the heart feels it wants to.

He tells me he is from Kumasi and arrived in Tamale today. On my question what brought him here, he answers that he felt there is still so much to explore in Ghana. That traveling enriches and that he wanted to discover this part of the country.

I sense that each of us is aware that we are strongly connected in that moment, sharing the same life philosophy and a similar energy.

He expresses that by saying:
“This is special. As if we stand here as one. I feel I have known you for a long time.”

I reply: “You have, we just didn’t meet yet”.

We thank each other and are grateful for this meeting. We continue our separate pathways, knowing that we will always be connected by this one moment of Ka-Boom! (= Ghanaian symbol of ‘togetherness’).

“The only way forward in this world: Sincere human-to-human connections built on peace, positivity and love” – Carole Donkers ‪#‎reshapetheworld‬

-Happiness is like a kiss, you must share it to enjoy it-Bernard Meltzer

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