Shared taxi – Shared #happiness

Because you move yourself around in a shared taxi. That is like carpooling in the Netherlands.

And once you sit, you learn to know the type of driver by his music or radio program. Today’s driver likes one of my personal favourites: Bob Marley. The number that is on when I get in: One Love.

The driver is happy and sings together with Bob. And before you know it, five people in one care are moving their bodies a bit on the easy flowing rhythm and singing softly together with him:

“One love….One heart….Let’s get together and feel all right…”

When I step out, my heart is singing and there is a smile on my face. I was happy on my own before I entered the taxi, but shared happiness is so powerful.

Nknonsonkonson: ‘In unity lies strength. We need to form a chain of people connected by peace, positivity and love’
Carole Donkers


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