‘And now something nice’

Why and how one of my story’s in Ghana is shared in the Netherlands.

Sanne Vroom, from the Netherlands, made a website this week, including a blog. She called the blog in Dutch: Ennuietsliefs. Translated: ‘And now something nice’.

Because she got so upset of all the negative and hard things that people say about other people more and more. And she thought, and knew, that there would be a lot of people on the other hand, who say and write nice and loving things about other people.

She asked me, and many others who are writing positive things, to contribute with a story, picture or poem. And I sent her one of my own favourites whilst being in Ghana: ‘We love you’, which she placed on the website:  http://endannuietsliefs.wix.com/endannuietsliefs#!We-love-you/cmbz/564b15c30cf21009be8b03e7

Why I am supporting and what I want… 
I want many people reading and sharing the daily short blogs that will be posted. And whilst reading, will start feeling more and more that we, as individuals, can and need to be the change that the world needs.

I also want the site supporting many, many people in the Netherlands to grow beyond their pre-judgments about other people. Up close and far away.

I want many people reading my story and learn about the positivity, peaceful and loving people that I feel I am surrounded with, when I am in Ghana.

And above all, I want all of us to learn, experience and know that people who carry love, positivity and peace in themselves, and actively sharing it, can be found everywhere in the world.

Sanne Vroom is part of my network of social innovators / pioneers in social entrepreneurship in the Netherlands. We are a group of people who translate our talents and passions into initiatives that have the aim to create change, transformations and/or positive social impact.

Let this initiative inspire you to believe that we as people everywhere in the world, can unite ourselves. As people. Beyond countries, continents and religions.

Let this initiative inspire you to bring your talent into the world and to join forces and collaborate with like-minded others up close and far away.

Because it is time to #reshapetheworld !






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