It comes in waves – #happiness

The realisation of your dream(s) or purpose doesn’t happen in one day. It is the result of a continuous process of choices, daring, doing, reflecting and learning.

I always compare it to the sea or ocean. Growth comes in waves. The ocean is full of waves and movement, but it is clear that all together it is part of one big stream, moving to one direction.

Today, I am writing on my next wave and about the next wave I want to see becoming reality. With the ocean right in front of me….And I feel how blessed I am with that.

I ended up here and at this location, because I sense what type of environment I need in a certain moment. And then I follow the signs to places that connect me to or inspire me in what I would like to bring forward.

This blog highlights the waves that brought me to where I am today:

What type of environment is helping you to connect yourself to your dreams or purpose ?

It comes in waves – Carole Donkers



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