Road Map for life as a journey of learning and discovery

Since I experience life as a continuous journey of learning and discovery, I also work according to that phylosophy.

One of the goals I have at the moment is to make a Road Map (or an itinerancy) for the next phase of my personal and professional growth. And the next phase in ‘Our African Dream’.

The Road Map serves as a direction. I work with Road Maps instead of plans, because it reflects my believe in life as a journey. And me as a traveller in that journey, meeting interesting people and ending up in great places and events.

I travel through life using my inner compass to keep me on track and alligned with my direction. The Road Map defines the destinations (people, places and events) I would like to reach on my journey.

What type of people, places and events are:
– great company during your ilfe journey?
– inspiring you to design your unique Road Map?
– adding value to your life?

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