Business start-up with Young African Leaders Forum

Diving into Africa with Business Start-up!

The Executive Council of the Young African Leaders Forum (YALF), requested for a session around the topic Business Start-Up.

Last Saturday, the wonders of technology made that possible. It brought me together with around 35 representatives of 15 different African countries via WhattsApp.

Instead of the traditional lectures or trainings that they are used to have, I introduced the Talent Beyond Limits Learning Experience. Which is all about daring, doing, experiencing, co-creating and reflecting related to real life.

But how do you create that online?

I invited 2 people to have a one-on-one session with me in the group. These 2 people were active participants and I guided them through a process.

All the others were observing and ‘listening’ and invited to share their observations or additional tips at the end of the process.

This methodology ensures learning from insights and has high impact. It is most powerful in face2face situations, but even online it has great effect on people.

A reflection of the one-on-one experiences:
It was really an experience. My loop holes were somehow covered“.

I know better now what I need to consider related to the market and what practical studies I need to carry out before getting into the market“.

I am truly beginning to believe I can consider business“.

A reflection from the observers:
I learned you need to define our objectives and what problem you want to solve.
Define the points where your interest and that of your potential customers merge or diverge.
Find out if there are better alternatives than your initial idea.
Estimate the requirements like financial, ethical issues, licenses etc.

The group gave feedback that they loved it. They felt encouraged and inspired. That seeds were planted.

Also they requested for more of it, since many have business ideas or are thinking about business. And with more participants.

For me, it was awesome to do this whilst sitting at the ocean in Southern-Ghana, with my face in the direction of Africa. And to feel the vibe, the challenges and the potential on the continent.

So, yes, defenitely more of this!


Young African Leaders Forum

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