You will find so many #treasures

Why did you choose to come to Africa?

I love it if people dare to ask that question, because it opens the space and brings us straight to the essence.

It took me many years to understand the why and it is still an ongoing journey related to the topic ‘Mankind’. This is the short answer:

Since childhood, I felt an inner calling. It was not a rationale choice, other than that I started taking that voice seriously in 2006.

I wanted to learn what Africa was. From the inside out. I ended up in Northern-Ghana and lived in a host family for 9 months.

Since then my heart belongs to Ghana. Or shall I dare to say Africa…?

I feel potential, inner strength and a deep connection to our collective memory as human beings.

The reaction of the young African leader in this situation was:

That is a big encouragement. There is something here in Africa. We need to explore that.

Yes, you should….you will find so many treasures!


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