#Leaders of Life

Talent Beyond Limits places people at the center of their origin, life, career and social impact.

This weekend, the first“Your Next Step Experience” happened in Bolgatanga, in the Upper-East region of Northern-Ghana.

20 people participated.
Since I am opearting as a social enteprise and not a charity organisation, this means that 20 people choose to invest in their personal and professional growth.

It also  means that the maximum number of tickets was sold. Because I work with the limited number of 20 people to be able to guarantee quality,  personal attention and positive impact on every individual’s life.

Different phases in the experience are (amongst others);

  • Experience the power of the Life & Learning circle, based on I-dentity in WE-energy
  • Re-connection to inner Self
  • Helping each other in exploring dreams
  • Taking lead in realisation and creation of next step

We will stay connected in an online learning community which supports ongoing and applying of learning in real life.

An analysis of the evaluation forms shows that all participants indicated that 1-day was ‘’not enough at all”. As a suggestion for improvement of this day many mentioned: a desire for more experiences like this, for more time and for more programs in the future. Promising !

A special thank you to our local coordinator and social entrepreneur Hillary Adongo, for great marketing and organisation.

Next Talent Beyond Limits Learning Experience in Bolgatanga:
Date:      31 January 2016
Theme: ‘Social Entrepreneurship’

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