I see the future reflected in us

I am staying in an accommodation close to the accommodation where I started my current period in Ghana in September. And I noticed my thoughts went back to the blog that I wrote on that first day three months ago, 16 September 2016. (Click here to read it)

The title of the blog was: “We are leading Africa into its future….or….?” We is referring to ‘the Western world’. In the blog, I asked myself the question:
What exactly is ‘the role’ of a white & Western & person & woman in 21st century, fast changing and ‘soon to be empowered’ Africa?

The final words I wrote that day were:
I am looking forward to questioning myself, my presence and my role in Ghana. I am looking forward to re-writing another chapter in our common history. And I will mainly do this through real life and co-creative learning with the future-oriented (young) talented entrepreneurs and leaders of Ghana

Today, three months later, I felt like going back to that first accommodation. Back to the place where I was writing that day. So I go.

While I sit there, in the garden, looking at the ocean, I sent a message to one of these talented entrepreneurial leaders and true role models in Northern-Ghana.

I write him:
Today, I see the future reflected in us”. And: “With us I mean; the people who are acting on their own, unique talents and who are united in a common purpose”.

I don’t know exactly what I am referring too. Sometimes I just feel words flowing. And the only thing I know for sure is that they have a meaning . And that they capture an energy that is meant to be passed on beyond myself and shared with a specific person in that exact moment.

When I step out of this peaceful scenery in the garden, into the crowds and the occupied road, I noticed I am walking with more determination and persistence than in the past two months. Persistence and goal-orientation have always been two of my core qualities towards success. But….I also had a bit too much of it.

So I correct my mind and smile: persistence combined with a clear and peaceful knowing that I will realise what I believe in, once I act on the messages the universe is bringing to me.

Barely 10 seconds later, my eye is catching one of those enormous commercial billboards on the side of the road. This one has the message:

“Persistence is the game changer, when the universe is your goal”

I can read the name of the advertiser – GTA. But it is too far to see who they are and what they do. When I come closer I read: Dream Oval, Young ICT-entrepreneur of 2015 Derry Clean Dadzic & Software company of the year 2015. 

I notice I am receiving parts of the answer on my question.

What exactly am I doing in Africa?
I certainly cannot contribute more to the lives of young people here than the example of a young entrepreneur in Ghana. A successful entrepreneur who inspires with a quote like this and is building a flourishing company around that belief.

But what I can do is what I always did. I can continue following my heart and pathway in life. It seems I am meant to do that. I can also share who I am and what I do as a result of that. And I can be the best possible version of myself, wherever I am, whatever I do.

Today, I see the future reflected in us. Why?
Because the future is reflected in people like us in any moment in the now. No matter where we come from or where we are going to.

In people who are persistent enough to act consistently every day, based on the believe they have in a brighter world.

In people who are bold enough that they think they can #reshapetheworld by being a true personal reflection of that world. In spirit, in mind, in heart and in action.

You know who you are. You are not alone, because I am part of you. I am not alone, because you are part of me. And together we are a growing collective. In Ghana, on the African continent and in the world.

What I learned from YOU, beautiful

Thank you, my great and growing Ghana family of supporters, believers and co-creative learners for all the great real-life learning experiences these past 3 months.

The best is yet to come. I already feel the reality of it. And we wlll defenitely keep on g(r)o(w)ing in 2016!

IMG_2486 (2)


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