3 places to be #Talent Beyond Limits – #happiness

Back in Tamale (Northern-Ghana), I spoil myself with the one and only Baobab Fruit Drink, produced by Jabco Focus Company, Bolgatanga (more up North in Northern-Ghana).

Whilst riding in a car with the owner recently, I received an awesome lecture about the Baobab fruit, pulp and powder. And, packed with antioxidants, Vitamin C, magnesium, potassium and much more, it is not only very tasty but healthy as well. Health and self-care is my number one priority to be able to live the life I am living in Ghana.

Baobab drink

Whilst enjoying the drink, I look back at a great 4 days trip to 3 of ‘my 5 places to be Talent Beyond Limits’. Bolgatanga – Navrongo – Karimenga.

How I love the vibrant, entrepreneurial environment in Bolgatanga that seems to flourish more every time I am there. Looking back at another great collaborative meeting with two of the main drivers behind that: Anyanah Achelisewine Benjamin and Roger Laari Jnr. Combined with the social entrepreneurial spirit and drive of Hillary Adongo, Bolgatanga is full of potential for me and an inspiring place to be and work.

How I love the BIG, old trees on the road from Bolga to Navrongo. According to my neighbor in Tamale, who is from Navrongo, ‘it is a small town, but our people are so nice and lovely’. I can only 100% agree on that.

For me, this place feels and breathes ancient history. There is so much more to explore there. What exactly? I don’t know. I keep on following ‘the call of my heart’ to this place. Time will tell why. But combined with a field visit to the University and the eagerness of young, new and modern Africa, it is definitely an awesome place to be and work.

And how I love every minute in my number 1 favorite place in Ghana to empty my mind and feed myself with brand new energy: Karimenga. Such a beautiful example of authentic Ghana. Not interrupted by ‘Western development aid’ and stimulated by a passionate, great change leader from Ghana.

Karimenga is growing according to its nature and origin. Exactly as the first time in 2007, I still feel that people and nature seem to live in perfect harmony with respect for past, present and future. A small village where people face the challenges of daily life as they come, with enormous pride and dignity. Where we don’t emphasise ‘the needy ones who need help’ because it is just so clear for villager and visitor:

You and I are one and equal, because we are all human beings‘, Karimenga 2011

Little friends Karimenga  Our little supporting friends in Karimenga, carrying my lugage

Yep, life is great and offering me so much to look forward to every day.


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