1st Talent Beyond Limits Seminar: a great experience

Last week, I faced a great and very interested audience of approximately 120 students at University of Development Studies, Navrongo, Upper-East Ghana.

In being the living example of what I preach, I hope to inspire people to start believing that ‘it is possible to be who you truly are, to become your full potential and to create the life you desire for yourself and others‘.

I took the students on a 1,5 hours journey into the highlights of my personal life story, the beliefs Talent Beyond Limits is built on and my drivers behind being a social entrepreneur operating in Ghana, amongst others.

Over 1/3 of the people registered directly for the Talent Beyond Limits services. The majority opted for a one-on-one session and there is a second best score for team optimalisation.

It is an awesome pleasure to be in Navrongo on monthly basis with the specific aim to serve these great talents in their life missions.

A big ‘thank you’ to the Student Representative Committee who supported, promoted and organised this Talent Beyond Limits Seminar.


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