How to shift to positive & authentic SELF-power ?

“How to shift external, suppressing forces into POSITIVE & AUTHENTIC SELF-POWER?”

That was the central question I raised and answered whilst speaking for another 100+ audience about ‘Capacity Building’ at the Youth Forum 2016, UDS Navrongo, last Saturday.

The forum was organised by Youth Corner Ghana and had the theme ‘The role of the Ghanaian Youth in Nation Building’.

Based on the great experience students and I had last Wednesday during the 1,5hrs ‘Talent Beyond Limits’ Seminar, they asked me to come back.

And I did, because I felt it was matching ‘the call of my heart’ and it felt as the right place to be in this moment.


This experience confirmed me once again that it is my role to be a driving force behind and next to the promising new generation in Ghana.

To support you to grow into your personal and unique roles as part of a generation that I personally see as very capable.

Once growing from POSITIVE AUTHENTIC SELF-POWER, you have exactly that one crucial thing on board that is needed to contribute individually and collectively to flourishing families, communities, Ghana, Africa and the world at large.


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