When unique talents in the world merge

A few weeks ago, I started wondering how it would be if Carole Donkers (born and raised in the Netherlands) and Ibrahim Mustapha (born and raised in Ghana), would be in the same space, both doing what they do best. That image felt awesome, so I started focusing on it in my daily meditations.

The real life opportunity came last week, when the student body IDEA asked to share myself (the Talent Beyond Limits – experience) with an audience of 50 people. (IDEA = International Development Education & Advocacy).

This request followed a session ‘Team Optimalisation’ that I did with the core team 10 days ago. And that was an opportunity created for me by the team of Hopin Academy, founded and based in Northern-Ghana.

I asked Mustapha to join me in this event and lucky me (!)… he replied with: “Of course….It is possible“. And he created time for it in his own schedule.

So in only a few weeks, what I imagined, became ‘hard core’ reality. And whilst in the real life experience last Saturday, I saw and felt only a glimpse of what is possible…….if you have Carole Donkers and Ibrahim Mustapha in one space, both practicing the unique Talents given to them…..WOW !

Sometimes it is impossible to find the matching words to describe something that is meant to be felt and experienced.Something that is beyond what we can observe now.

Something that is the far future on the one hand, but simultaneously happening right here and now on the other.

But when I just deeply connect to what I felt, these are the matching words:

What I felt?
“We were creating a new landscape for international learning & development in the world. I felt the potential of a story that you will tell your grand children 50 years from now.

It is a story about how we started to grow positive and authentic SELF-power in ourselves.

Based on this firm ground in ourselves, we started collaborating towards a common goal: a better life for all of us. Each of us contributed based on our personal strengths and talents.

Gradually we grew into being a powerful collective, that transformed our society.

And that my child, is the peaceful, positive and flourishing society you live in today.

Here is an old blog (a medium that people used in those times to express themselves). This blog tells you how it all started in 2012 when two people from totally different parts in the world met each other….”

So start using your Talent to grow Beyond Limits together!

‪#‎itispossible‬ ‪#‎reshapeyourworld‬ ‪#‎starttoday‬

Thank you, Mustapha, for your support in my journey of becoming a ‘powerful & authentic public speaker’ and ‘an intuitive source of uplifting energy’.

Thank you, Maccarthy Lomotey and team Hopin Academy in Ghana, for bringing me on board of your Entrepreneurship Incubator, for co-creating opportunities and for providing me a safe learning space in which I could bring myself 100% Beyond my Limits the past few months.

This is just the beginning…..

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