Life as Transformation: Black = White

SEE PEOPLE AS THEY TRULY ARE. There are days in Ghana that I am more sensitive for the fact that people continuously shout at me or approach me with the word ‘Salaminga’ or ‘Obruni’ (white). This is one of these days. It just touches me on a deeper level than all other times.

I recognise the feeling of today as a trigger to grow in my life purpose. And that is why I write about it. Maybe it is more intense at this moment because I realise more than ever that I am spending a lifetime contributing to overcoming prejudgments (starting with my own many years ago). Not only on colour of skin. On all classifications that separate us as Human Beings.

I asked myself the empowering question: “How can I translate this negative feeling into a positive thought and – with doing that – shift it into a powerful contributor uplifting Humanity?”

And I received the picture below as an answer. It was taken last March after Ibrahim Mustapha and I joined forces in a Talent Beyond Limits program together with 120 people. The value is in what the picture symbolises for me.

When we, as people are unconscious of all the moments we prejudge and continue to use predefined concepts and language to classify groups of people in the world, then this is the result:

They say he is black. They say I am white. And because of that…
They say he is male. They say I am female. And because of that…
They say he is a Muslim. They say I am a Christian (baptised as). And because of that…
They say he is from the third world. They say I am from the first world. And because of that…
They say he is underdeveloped. They say I am developed. And because of that…


He is a Human Being. I am a Human Being…
He is as I am. I am as he is….
We are the same in being Human…
He is a unique talent. I am a unique talent…


And through the Power of this Human to Human Connection,
we are changing the world.

#talents4humanity – The Power of Connection


Picture credits: Roland Constandrezzy – 2SConcept Ghana





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