Life as Transformation: Door of Return

GHANA – RETURN. August 2017. “It is almost time for new adventures in Northern-Ghana and I am looking very forward to that…but first I must be in Winneba for as long as needed”. That was my thought the moment my feet landed on Ghanaian ground this weekend.

So here I am. In Winneba, a small town near the ocean in the South of Ghana. The few times I was here before, it turned out to be a location that makes me ‘connect between worlds’. It is exactly 10 years ago that I was here for the first time: August 2007. Back then I have spent two weeks here. It was a perfect location to integrate my experiences of living in a host family in Tamale for 8 months and to prepare myself for ‘normal life’ in the Netherlands.

I also visited nearby Cape Coast Castle: the last destination before slaves were transported into the world. It is owned by the Dutch for a while, it is our shared history of which I am not proud.

It was an impressive visit. The energy in the dungeons – where people were captured as ‘slaves to become’ – was very powerful and totally suffocating for me. I saw/felt how people were packed there. I mainly saw/felt women with unborn dead baby’s in their womb and in their arms.

At the ‘Door of no Return’, I saw/felt rows and rows of people moving slowly towards the ship that was patiently waiting for them before sailing of. How must it have been to go through that door? Further and further away from everything that makes you the human being that you are? Were these people hoping to regain their freedom again? To be able to return home one day? To re-unite with their family?

I got sick after this visit to Cape Coast Castle. My body was totally upset and I vomited for two days. Later, the dark energy that I received that day, shifted. Through a flow of words a bright vision arises in me. It became the fundament of the powerful connection and co-creative energy that I have with the young change leaders and role models of today’s and future (Northern)Ghana:

“I never had a choice
just following a voice
leading me to Africa.

Until that moment of no return
when ‘the Door of no Return’
symbolised more than I or me.

It symbolised captivity and freedom,
inequality for some and equality for all.

And there and then
I turned into We
I AM turned into WE ARE.

Quiet and humble
I accept past, present, future.

Mankind began in Africa
it was our common ground.

During slavery
they taught me
I am better than you.

Because of slavery
I seem to know
what is best for you.

But you,
young leaders in Africa today
are leading Africa into its future
with your vision, voices and actions.

Future Africa!
is my African Dream
is your African Dream
is THE African Dream

Where you and I
are one and equal.

Future Africa – once our common ground”
Carole Donkers, 2007


Today, I feel that there is a Door of Return. I must return to Cape Coast. I must connect again from who I am today and from where I am now in life. It is just one of these calls I must follow….for the highest good of all.

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