Life as Transformation: Inner = Outer world

TRAVELING. August 2017. It is such a ‘peaceful reflection of life beyond the clouds’ when I am traveling ‘Home’ from South to Northern Ghana. Outer transformation always follows inner transformation. The scenery is mirroring the energy of my being after almost two weeks of inner work. This time mainly about understanding my learning experiences in the past months, integrating these and expanding based on this process. Whilst moving through such a peaceful scenery sky high, I wish all of us could have the opportunity to experience this.

For now, I just share a piece of my own life lessons:

In following and realising what you dream of – especially if you are a (potential) transformational leader – you will receive many life situations that test you to the bone. The more you rise, the more ‘challenging (dark) challenges’ you might meet. It might look that you are not getting rewarded at all for what you are doing and that you are pushed back in life.

These situations are opportunities offered to you to learn from. To keep on building your character, your inner strength, to get in touch with the wisdom of your Heart and your emotions, to train your mindset, to take better care of your body etc.

No matter how dark, see every situation in all that it is. But don’t focus on the situation itself or the struggle you are having with it. Focus on the opportunity to grow from the experience.

The question: “WHAT DO I HAVE TO LEARN HERE?” helped me to overcome my darkest life happenings.

And trust me, I had some to be able to smile to you the way I smile today :-).

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