My ‘Journey of Transformation’ with Poet Pobee – 1

24 May 2016. WEDNESDAY. ARRIVAL FROM THE NETHERLANDS IN ACCRA. All the times I returned to Ghana have been great, but this is definitely the greatest ‘Homecoming‘, since Africa started calling me. The first time was through ‘the spirit and story‘ of Kunta Kinte, when I was 10 years old.

THURSDAY. One of the many ‘coincidental – 100% right time, right place meetings‘ in my life. With Penpen Bugtong Takipsilim from the Philippines. A brief conversation led to him inviting me to a Festival and me hearing the call behind that invitation.

So, instead of traveling back to Tamale that day, as I had in mind, I again, follow what I feel as a next step in the right direction.

This decision brings me to the International ‘Pentasi B’ World Friendship Poetry Festival. It is held at Dr. Du Bois Pan African Memorial Center, Accra, Ghana.

SATURDAY. I am not in ‘the rhythm of the African time flow‘ yet. Time punctual as we are in the Netherlands, I am a bit too much too early. But this gives me the time and space to wonder around the Center and feel where I want to be.

Listening to my intuition, it brings me almost straight to the words that connect Dr. Kwame Nkrumah and Dr. Du Bois. I make a picture, which I do when I think something has a message that I will understand later on.

When I sit down to give space to feel on a deeper level what is told in these words, I meet RhymeSonny (Kwaku Sonny) and Poet Pobee (Joseph Pobee).

A conversation with, again, great and inspiring young Ghanaians, with whom I am learning and growing together, whilst we exchange. We speak about many big and small things in a short period of time.

But what I will always remember as a life-changing moment in that conversation, is the moment that Poet Pobee – ‘African Soul poet’ from Wa, Upper-West, Ghana, proud as I am to be ‘a Northerner’, connects to me when I mention Kunta Kinta as one of my inspirations in doing what I do today.

Whilst Poet Pobee expresses the poem he himself wrote about ‘Kunta Kinte’, I experience that we move beyond where we are now.

Poet Pobee seems to speak from the same source that I always recognised as my call into Africa. And whilst he is speaking, my whole African journey flows together in one point.

Poet Pobe may 2016

What follows next are awesome performances and poets from passionate artists who unite in ‘Poetry for Peace‘.

Whilst I enjoy every bit of it, I feel that the some missing pieces of my life puzzle fall in place. The remaining questions related to the “Why I have to be in (Northern) Ghana?” are answered.

SUNDAY. I fly to my beloved Northern Ghana. Accompanied by the Sun, always shining beyond the clouds. I write these words. They are a reflection of the energies that I connected to during an amazing day.

Black is bright,
It is in your Light
I started shining
warm as the Sun
Twinkling as a Star.

What started as a sparkle
deep down in each of us
Became one fire burning
on the voices of our soul
on the joy of our passion
on the love in our Heart.

Unstoppable is now the light
of the eternal flame: ONENESS.

Carole Donkers, 21 May 2016
@International ‘Pentasi B’ World Friendship Poetry Festival
Dr. Du Bois Pan African Memorial Center, Accra, Ghana

Africa World

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