My ‘Journey of Transformation’ with Poet Pobee – 2

May 23 2017. TAMALE. FROM MY POST My Journey of Transformation with Poet Pobee – 1:
“….What I will always remember as a life-changing moment in that conversation, is the moment that Poet Pobee – ‘Africa Soul Poet from Wa, Upper-West, Ghana, proud as I am to be a Northerner’ connects to me when I mention Kunta Kinta as one of my inspirations in doing what I do today. Whilst Poet Pobee then starts expressing the poem he himself wrote about ‘Kunta Kinte‘, I experience that we move beyond where we are now, beyond time and space…Poet Pobee seems to speak from the same source that I always recognised as my call into Africa. And whilst he is speaking, my whole African journey flows together in one point…”

It is almost 1 year later, 25 March 2017, when I walk into the scenery exactly in the moment Poet Pobee start his performance during Ehalakasa – World Poetry Day in Tamale. It is the first time we see each other again after our first encounter in Accra in May 2016.

When we have the opportunity for a one-on-one meeting, he asks me to share why I am in Ghana. I connect to my Heart and tell him the highlights of my story. When I finish Poet Pobee starts flowing. He speaks beautiful words in a powerful rhythm, purely as he receives from my energy. I cannot do anything else than listen, receive and feel how his words are touching me at all levels.

Just before he has to take the trotro back to Wa, I ask him to capture the words beyond this moment. In poems to be performed. I feel very strongly that we have to share this powerful heart-to-heart connection, this pure and open energy and that the poems have value for the world…

Did he do it? Will he perform the poems one day? Will we meet again? I allow life to answer these questions.

If we keep on following the call of our hearts and flowing our natural rhythm of life, I am sure life will bring us back together again in the right time and the right moment. Beyond time and space it always did ;-).


Poet Pobe may 2016

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