My ‘Journey of Transformation with Poet Pobee – 3

27 August 2017. Life did bring Poet-Pobee Joseph and me together for the third time in 1,5 years. The day I arrive in Wa in Upper-West Ghana on invitation of the Chamber of Commerce, Poet Pobee arrives home from Accra where he performed at various events.

This time we have the opportunity to spent time together. To step into co-creative energy without an agenda pressuring us. Following our natural flow, we end up at Poet Pobee’s ‘Rock of Inspiration‘. I immediately connect to the ancient and peaceful energy of this landscape.

There and then he lets me listen to the first sample of the AUDIO production of his poem “DO YOU HEAR THE SOUND?” It is the poem of Kunta Kinte that Poet Pobee recited in our first meeting in May 2016. This as a reaction on me sharing how the story of that same Kunta Kinte connected me to Africa when I was a little girl.

I close my eyes to be able to receive “DO YOUR HEAR THE SOUND?” with all that I am today. While the perfect combination and rhythm of Pobee’s voice, the music and sounds touch me word by word…a few silent tears start dropping from my eyes, reflecting the long and challenging journey to this point…followed by peaceful smiling, reflecting the hope for the future I feel as the story continues.

Journey Pobee 1

I am the story that this poem is. It is the journey of my lif(v)e(s). It is all my memories. It is my visioning. It is my reality.

It is my 30 years day-by-day, step-by-step life journey passing by as I keep on following the call of Kunta Kinte,
making life choices beyond everything I know,
leading me further and further into the unknown Africa.
It is a burden carried on my shoulders throughout many lifetimes now flowing from my shoulders into the Earth.
It is ages of traveling of a lost Soul on its journey back HOME now finding its way to eternal freedom and peace.

Quiet and humble I accept past, present and future.
Life circles are closing, a new beginning is unfolding, a first step is taken.

When I open my eyes I look into the physical manifestation of the bright future I have always envisioned for Africa.

Poet Pobee mirrors the passionate, dream driven upcoming generation of Ghana and Africa. Unique Talents who are ready to lead in re-writing the future based on their dreams, voices and actions.

Journey Pobee 4

And I am more convinced than I ever was before:

Because through this powerful Soul connection – manifested in our equally powerful Human-to-Human connection – WE ARE ONE in transforming the world.

#talents4humanity – The Power of Connection

Pictures: From Winneba to Wa

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