Life as Transformation: Ultimate freedom

26 August 2017 . “ULTIMATE FREEDOM COMES FROM WITHIN” – Carole Donkers

Thank you Kunta Kinte, for showing me the way ever since I was a little girl.
When you couldn’t find freedom in the external world no matter how hard you tried, you shifted your dream to your inner world, in connection with the Universe.

Throughout my life your story inspired me to keep moving in connection with Africa and its powerful people, gradually becoming the Human Being I am today: my true, free Self. And that is an awesome feeling.

This blog is part of finalising the (healing) process of my Life Transformation Journey – Part I – titled:

“WHITE SKIN. BLACK HEART. ONE SPIRIT – How Africa helped me to become a free Human Being”.

Can’t wait to experience what’s next in life…

Picture credits:
Poet-Pobee Joseph – Naturally Flowing @Pobee’s “Ancient Rock of Inspiration”.

Read the blogs My Journey of Transformation 1, 2 and 3 to receive the story and journey behind this blog.

Life as Transformation Freedom from within


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