My journey of inner transformation: I name her Luna Emani

8 OCTOBER 2017. GHANA, NORTHERN REGION, VILLAGE KARIMENGA. During my 50 minutes ‘walking with me, myself and I in silence’ from the village to the farmland this early morning, I hear something behind me.

When I turn around I see it is one of the young Fulani women. (The Fulani are nomads from Burkina Faso. Approximately 8 families settled with their cows in the bushes around the farmland). The woman and I know each other from the water pump in the village. We greet each other in the local language. That is all the words we can exchange because we don’t have a language in common.

It always amazes me how an African woman can still smile and talk whilst she is carrying a huge weight on her head. What I love about African women is the combination of elegance and strength. I am still practicing carrying a bucket of 10 liters of water on my head. And trust me…that is everything but elegance :-).


I feel I want to make a picture without disturbing her. So I allow her to pass to be able to do that. I see that she is also carrying something on her back. My first thought is that it is a child, but I conclude that that should be bigger and higher on the back.

After a little while the woman stops and takes the thing from her back. A few seconds later I hear crying – and as I come closer – I meet her baby.

Seeing the light colour of its skin combined with the red marks on its body and white flakes on the head, it cannot be more than 1 or 2 days old. Whilst my mind is thinking this, I detect that my arms automatically reach out in the same moment that the woman is lifting the baby up towards me.

The moment I take it in my arms it stops crying, it seems to be satisfied and we continue walking as if we have always been walking together like this. In silence. Connected through the life of this newly born Human Being.


What happens then happens more often, especially in this powerful environment of nature where I feel the presence of ancient energy: it feels as if I have flashbacks. As if I am traveling through time in a clear knowing that this isn’t the first time I am walking here. I now receive a very strong insight that it hasn’t been the first time that I have been taking care of a baby. As if I am carrying an old Soul who had the task to take care of children and women and people in general.

I don’t know…It feels as truth. And these days I just accept it as reality instead of deciding with my Mind that I am losing it. And in doing that I am finally moving beyond my biggest fear of all: that I end up old and lonely as ‘owh her…that crazy woman!’.

Whilst all of this is going on inside in me I decide to focus my energy and attention on walking and being.

I feel how my feet are touching the ground and connect to the Earth.

I am open and centered in my Heart and feel how I share the rhythm of my Heartbeat with the baby in my arms.

I sense how I am connected to and embraced by the Light I am channeling through my Body.

It feels so peaceful that I smile.

I look down at the baby in my arms and…wow…as young as it is it starts smiling with me.

In this incredible moment of smiling together I know – and finally accept it in all it is – that this is my Life. That this is my Calling: to be the Power of Connection. To be as open, as receptive and as pure as I can be as a Human Being. Serving Humanity in doing what has to be done for the Higher Good of All in any given moment of Life.

When we arrive at their compound after almost 30 minutes I discover that I was guiding a girl home. I will always carry her with me in my Heart symbolising the shift I made today.

I name her after the names that have been given to me on my journey of inner transformation which is my journey back Home: Luna (2016, meaning Moon and she is born around a full Moon) Emani (2015, meaning a binding force that brings the world together).

Welcome to this world Luna Emani. May you continue shining as bright as you are shining today.

Carole Luna Emani



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