Western Mind. African Heart. One Spirit

CLOSING CIRCLES. More and more I feel that the learning circles of my life long journey into Africa are closing. More and more I feel that my story wants to be told. I started the process last year, but at some point I just couldn’t continue. It was not the right time, yet. The story wasn’t finished.

Beginning of this year I felt that the journey into Africa was moving towards completion. The urge to write everything down returned. But from a different source. Not from my goal getter character and result oriented mind to get something done, to deliver output. Instead, it flows from the ability to receive what wants to be born through me.

Since I am used to serve others more than I serve my Self, I made a promise to me, myself and I by setting an intention in the beginning of this year: In 2018, I create space for the whole story to unfold and write itself on paper (laptop).

A few weeks ago this picture was made spontaneously or shall I say ‘Divinely Orchestrated’. It is a story on itself how that happened. When I saw this (and some other spontaneous shots), I saw these as a perfect match with my story.


This week I asked my Self how I would tell you about this story of mine. These are the words I received:

Born, raised and successful in the Netherlands, Talents 4 Humanity founder Carole Donkers gave up everything she had to become all that she is.

Despite the resistance of her mind, the truth of Carole’s heart kept on leading her into Africa, into Ghana.

Her pathway shows you how to overcome every limit with grace and shift it into a powerful force for transformation within your Self and the world around you.

Carole’s pure connection with Ghana and its people goes beyond all prejudices: in color of skin, gender, religion, countries and continents. It is deep, amazing and inspiring. It gives you the feeling that indeed ‘we are one heart, one people, one world’.

An uplifting story full of hope telling you that – even in the darkest times – you can find a sparkle within you to light a candle for the people around you.

And that is how Carole Donkers gradually became Kay Bright….

Life is a continuous process of creation in every moment and so is my output.
I am curious how this story of my story will continue :-)….

Inner #transformation