Esther, ‘No Excuses Lady’/ spreker / auteur, vertelt je persoonlijk waarom zij mij volgt en wat de waarde is voor jou:

Dana, Award winning author / speaker / mentor / healer, USA, deelt haar ervaringen in het werken met mij in haar programma:
Working with Carole in my mentorship progam – Divine Life: A Woman’s Guide to Your Own True Power Life – was an honour and a joy. I found our deep one-on-one sessions to be enlivening and uplifting. Carole brings such passion, devotion and intelligence to everything she undertakes. And she leads authentically from her heart. She is a radiant force of light, love and healing in the world and will be in service to many”.

Mieke, entrepreneur, Netherlands, deelt haar ervaringen met Life Coaching: 
“I was triggered by one of Carole’s posts on Facebook. I got curious and wanted her to guide me in living life as my true Self. During the session I experienced a very strong field of energy in and around Carole. She has a very powerful energy with which she works whilst she embraces you with it. Her focus was completely on me. She created the trust and safe space in which I could allow the session to take place as I needed in that moment. Because of this I was able to fully surrender to it.

Through Carole’s guidance I could accelerate my own inner process. The session gave me insight in where I am blocking myself. It also let me feel what is not visible for me, but is there anyways. This has further increased my awareness. Carole specified very well and clearly what she senses and checked that with me. She is doing this in an appropriate way and with full dedication. The session increased my awareness on energy and gave me insights in my own life. After the session, I was able to integrate the experiences into real life and I have taken beautiful steps since then”.

Marina, Educator, Italy deelt haar ervaringen met Life Coaching: 
“The session with Carole was very special and incredibly transformative for my mental, emotional and physical well-being. In a short time, I received so many important life lessons that I still keep with me. I joined out of curiosity based on the positive stories I had heard about Carole and because I wanted to overcome some personal issues.

During the session she listened attentively, sensed the deeper meaning beneath my words and asked questions that challenged me to reflect on myself. She guided me towards identifying the root causes of my issues and how to address these in my daily life. By the end, I experienced that my heart and mind were transformed, refreshed and prepared to face the world with renewed energy.”

Annaliza, ondernemer, Nederland, deelt haar ervaringen tijdens haar “Reis in de Kracht van Afrika”
“Tijdens onze eerste ontmoeting was ik gelijk onder de indruk van het verhaal van Carole en de wijze waarop zij uiting geeft aan wat zij voelt. Ik wilde zelf zien hoe zij haar droom leeft en zo geschiedde. Het was een geweldige ervaring die ik had in Ghana samen met haar en de ‘Talents 4 Humanity’.

Het contact met Carole heb ik ervaren als heel persoonlijk, veilig, vertrouwd en natuurlijk. Ze coacht van binnenuit. Door puur zichzelf te zijn. Daarbij leeft ze zich echt in jou en jouw situatie in. Ze kijkt naar wie ze voor zich heeft en wat ze daar mee kan. Ook het contact met ‘haar’ mensen in Ghana was heel bijzonder. Allemaal individuen met een eigen persoonlijkheid en helemaal zichzelf. Ik heb genoten van de verhalen, het samenzijn en samen werken.

Door de reis ben ik me vele malen bewuster van mijn eigen gedrag, heb een eigen spiegel gekregen. Ik durf me kwetsbaarder op te stellen. Ik kan situaties makkelijker loslaten en mensen laten zijn zoals zij zijn. Het voelt als de start van een reis die begonnen is, maar die ik nog niet helemaal kan begrijpen. Beetje cryptisch, maar zo voelt het. Ik ga de werkelijke impact denk ik pas later zien.

Sandra, Life Explorer on a Joy Mission, deelt haar ervaringen tijdens haar ‘Reis in de Kracht van Afrika’:
“It was a very intense and impressive journey I had with Carole. It was so beautiful to see Ghana through her eyes. To experience how she moves there, what people surround her and what type of energy she receives. Her purity in every moment gave me a mirror on the themes I had to work on in myself. I will never forget the inspiring meetings I had with the people Carole already touched with her personality, presence and ability to lighten up the lives of everyone she meets. I wish many people will follow!” Lees hier de blog die Sandra schreef

Corine, Environmentalist, Netherlands deelt haar ervaringen tijdens haar ‘Reis in de Kracht van Afrika’:
“My time with Carole was really a gift. A mental beauty trip in which I felt embraced by warmth and love. I did not know exactly what to expect. And I still don’t know exactly what she does and how she does it, but everything felt as the right thing and 100% matching me and what I needed.”

Emma, student, Ghana deelt haar ervaringen met Life Coaching:
“I came to Carole because I felt a bit depressed and lost in life. I wanted to get answers on my life purpose and direction. She touched me in a way I never experienced before. She made me aware of what was blocking me on an unconscious level. I felt that she was opening my Heart. I learned so much about how I was limiting myself and got clarity on my next step.  After the session I felt so powerful and capable of doing so much more than I did before!”

Akwata, entrepreneur, Ghana deelt zijn ervaringen met Business Coaching: 
“Carole is a true motivator. But she does not only motivate. She asks you thought provoking questions that make you re-think who you are, what you do and why you do it. She nurtures ideas, unearth potentials and above all; sparks every energy in you. It was a time very worth having”.

Nana, entrepreneur, Ghana deelt zijn ervaringen met Business Coaching:
“I now believe that the world around me is a reflection of me. How I relate and react creates my world. Carole taught me how to bring me to myself. Because I keep on feeling how she did that, I know now how to reflect on myself and manage myself as a person and a starting entrepreneur.”

Richard, entrepreneur, Ghana deelt zijn ervaringen met 1-op-1 Mentoring:
“In working with Carole you always know you will come out with something great on the subject and fresh guidelines and plans. She brings you back to scratch to push you into better performance”.

Marcel, entrepreneur, Netherlands deelt zijn ervaringen met 1-op-1 Mentoring:
“In every meeting Carole makes me experience what has true value in life and what choices I have to make in my business to honor that.”

Gerard, secretaris Societeit ’68, Nederland deelt zijn ervaringen met Carole als spreker in Nederland: 

“Wat een krachtige inkijk in jouw persoonlijke missie, behaalde succesen en perspectief op de ontwikkeling van Afrika. Je hebt een onuitwisbare indruk achter gelaten. Jouw levenskeuzes en je verhaal zetten aan tot reflectie en dagen uit het leven te ‘verrijken’ door Westerse conditioneringen los te laten”.

Ted, entrepreneur, Netherlands deelt zijn ervaringen met Carole als spreker in Nederland:
“The encounters with Carole – founder of Talents 4 Humanity – are a true experience. She is particularly open about her self and at the same time a razor-sharp mirror for you. The life choices she makes are motivated by an inner drive that is fully focused on the pursuit of a higher goal that goes far beyond her own interest”.

Eric, entrepreneur, Ghana deelt zijn ervaringen met Carole als spreker in Ghana:
“Carole has a very positive energy, mind and can-do spirit which encouraged me so much. Her speech was confrontational and touched me deeply. If we would all have Carole’s spirit the world would be a better place. I am forever grateful I have met her.”

Mieke, entrepreneur, Netherlands deelt haar ervaringen met het volgen van Carole via social media: 
“I know Carole since many years. Throughout these years she keeps on triggering me with her talent, her way of life and her dedication to her activities in Ghana. Because I am following Carole via Facebook and LinkedIn, I am aware of the deep inner journey and transformation process she went through. It is also visible for me what (huge) steps she has made in life. Steps I did not make yet, but desire to make. Carole walks on pathways that are unknown for many, but will be walked by everyone sooner or later. Is there something in you that Carole triggers via her messages on social media? Then she is the designated facilitator who really accelerates your inner process”.

Jeanne, Netherlands deelt haar ervaringen met het volgen van Carole via social media:
“Ik gebruik eigenlijk nooit Facebook, maar voor jou maak ik een uitzondering. Ik blijf gegrepen door jouw verhaal, je passie, je bevlogenheid. Maar ook je lef om dat te doen wat voor jou ‘leven’ is. Als ik lees wat en hoe je dingen doet, komt die wereld ver weg steeds begrijpelijker dichtbij”.